We are bringing these Mangoes directly from the Growers. This way they get the best price for their hard work. Many farmers in Maharashtra are committing suicide. Our recent visit in India we got a thought that one should stop this. To help our farmers in Kokan and Marathwada, We have decided to import Alphonso and Kesar mangoes from India. This is the best way to help them come out of financial difficulty. If we cannot help them who’s going to help them right? Secondly this way we will make our mangoes famous in USA. In our last visit to India in December, We contacted these farmers and promised them the best price for their mangoes. 

After doing a thorough research on USDA permit to get Mangoes from India, we got an import license and USDA permit to import Mangoes from India.We hired an export agent who will now send me those mangoes here in USA. We will get the first air shipment this Monday. I’m ready to take this great product worldwide.


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